3 Tips For Quality Parent-Child Bonding During The COVID-19 Outbreak

3 Tips For Quality Parent-Child Bonding During The COVID-19 Outbreak

From indulging in a good children’s book to doing house chores to playing games together, social distancing during COVID-19 has served up plenty opportunities for parents to reconnect with their young ones.

It’s tough, but the COVID-19 outbreak has left many of us stuck indoors as we attempt to flatten the curve via social distancing. For parents, it’s already hard enough having to juggle remote working, house chores, and meal plans without having to also worry about how our little ones cope with almost zero kids’ activities outside the house.

During this unusual time, we’ve already heard lots of stories of moms and dads being forced to choose between leaving their toddlers and babies alone in front of the TV or iPad or straight up deal with young frustrated tykes that have too much energy to spare.

It might all seem bleak, but the best thing to do in time like these is to seek out the silver lining, which is in this case the fact that we get to spend so much time with our kids and get to know them better.

So then, how to make the most of it?

Follow A Timetable

Something you as a parent can do during the stay home period is to plan out a schedule of kids’ activities that are varied and easy to manage. For example, start with an hour reading a good children’s book, followed by an hour helping with house chores, followed by another hour playing board games—abiding by a timetable gives each day a sense of purpose and is great for excitable young kids who always want something to look forward to.


Daily planning for kids’ activities
Plan out daily kids’ activities and save yourself from unneeded head-scratching. (Credit: Bich Tran)


If possible, it’s also good to try and get personally involved in these kids’ activities as much as you can, just because opportunities like these typically become rarer once normal routines resume. So instead of just leaving them to their own devices, it would be better to join in as they read their favourite children’s book or reward them with positive reinforcement when they complete house chores.

Get Creative!

In addition to setting out a schedule, you can also consider putting a twist on your kids’ activities to keep them interesting throughout the week.

For example, you could up the fun factor of reading a children’s book by involving your kid’s buddies in a group reading session through Skype or Google Hangouts (a sure fire way to solve boredom amongst multiple households during this period), or you could also try turning house chores into a game between your kids with prizes on the line—the one to clean their room first wins ice cream after dinner!


baba baa’s Rasa Sayang children’s book
A good children’s book is a must when planning out your kids’ activities during the social distancing period.


Remember, children can be fussy even at the best times, so always try something imaginative when keeping them occupied!

Be At Your Best Behaviour

This should go without saying but being the source of guidance in just about every area of our kids’ lives, us parents have a responsibility to inculcate in them what it means to live the right way. While what this means may vary depending on beliefs, the fact of the matter is that you always set a better example when in the right state of mind.

Just imagine for a moment that you’re tired from a day of online meetings and preparing meals for the rest of the family when your kid approaches you with requests for you to read to them from yet another children’s book—your response in this situation could have a lasting effect on how they approach you again in the future.

A frustrated and snappy “Not now!” might tell them they shouldn’t bother your in the future, while a calm and measured “Sure, just give mommy some time to catch her breath,” might communicate something more positive and reassuring.

If you seem to be having a rough day, always remember to de-stress by taking a time-out, meditating, or doing simple breathing exercises before engaging in kids’ activities with your young ones and you should be good to go.

Take It Easy

After all is said and done, the best and probably simplest way to approach the COVID-19 outbreak is to just stop worrying too much and enjoy the company of those around you, especially your kids. By focusing on the positives, your home automatically becomes a place that is more fun to live in and better for the physical and mental development of your children. Make the best out of a bad situation and go seek out new way for you and your kids to have fun!


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