About baba baa

Here at baba baa, our key focus is to integrate Asian tradition and culture into modern family life through the means of music, literature and art. Created by parents who really value the meaning of Asian cultural heritage, one of the most important missions behind the baba baa brand is to share our knowledge of the past with our future generation.

We strongly believe that it is important for our children to learn through active, imaginary and creative play to support healthy brain development. To encourage children to such play, our products are designed and centred around music, touch and interaction.

We are excited to bring together and share with you our products that incorporate important elements of cultural heritage and creative, interactive play.

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About Me: The creator of baba baa

As a Malaysian living overseas for more than a decade, I often feel a strong and special connection with my homeland. A land that has a beautiful and rich cultural heritage to offer. I especially have fond memories of the mesmerising Nusantara songs that I learnt when I was little. They are magical and captivating tunes that often play in my head.

I am a lawyer and mom. After having my son, I soon realised that there was a lack of high quality music, literature and learning materials designed to teach the next generation about my cultural heritage. So I set out to create my own. Just like me, my son holds a Malaysian passport but he has no connections with the country otherwise. The baba baa brand is designed to break this cycle of detachment and help our children reconnect with the heritage.

As a parent and educator, I wish to pass on our beautiful Asian cultural heritage and bring joy, warmth and new learning experiences to families. I am excited to introduce baba baa’s Rasa Sayang series to you. Rasa Sayang translates to “feel the love” and this is exactly the core value that I hope our brand will inspire across the world.

About Rasa Sayang: Sing-and-Record Fun Book

Enter into the magical world of Rasa Sayang with our Fairy Tales Series. Beautiful illustrations from cover to cover will attract children of all ages and bring joy to the whole family.

Our first product is the Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record Fun Book featuring a compilation of beautiful folk songs. Each song is presented in a way to bring fun, magic and joy to children’s everyday learning. Watch as your child’s eyes light up to the sound of traditional folk songs and enter into a whole new world of interaction as they learn to record their own sing-along version.

The Rasa Sayang Book includes a ‘play’ button for pre-recorded songs, a ‘record’ button for interactive play and a ‘playback’ button to playback our singing.

This wonderful book can be used to teach, play and share in almost any language. The English lyrics we provide help to decode the meaning of each song whilst the recording function encourages children to get creative with their own voice and words. For a tutorial on how to record your own sing-along, take a look at our latest YouTube video.

About the Company: Peyron Singapore Pte Ltd

Peyron Singapore Pte Ltd is the holding company to baba baa. Incorporated in Singapore, Peyron Singapore Pte Ltd designs, publishes and manufactures children’s products designed for learning, language development and play. The company’s mission is to produce top quality children’s products which can be used at home, in the classroom or in any play environment. Our products are imaginatively designed, well-considered and interactive; they include sensory features and pay homage to our cultural heritage, bringing tradition into modern learning.

Our design and manufacturing team is based in Hong Kong and China. If you are interested to work with us or become one of our partners, please contact info@www.bababaa.co.id.