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Enter into the magical world of Rasa Sayang with our Fairy Tales Series. Beautiful illustrations from cover to cover will attract children of all ages and bring joy to the whole family.

Our first product is the Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record Fun Book featuring a compilation of meaningful Nusantara folksongs. Each song is presented in a way to bring fun, magic and joy to children’s everyday learning. Watch as your child’s eyes light up to the sound of traditional folk songs and enter into a whole new world of interaction as they learn to record their own sing-along version.

The Rasa Sayang Book includes a ‘play’ mode for pre-recorded songs, a ‘record’ mode for recording and a ‘playback’ mode to playback your recording.

This wonderful book can be used to teach, play and share in almost any language. The English lyrics we provide help to decode the meaning of each song whilst the recording function encourages children to get creative with their own voice and words. For a tutorial on how to record your own sing-along, take a look at our latest YouTube video.

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